Big Heed picked up the pencil and started drawing during class in the 3rd grade. Bart Simpson grabs his attention more than his homework would. He would sneak and draw impressions of Bart, Tasmanian Devil, and other cartoons during his homework hours. Years passed as he became inspired by The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, causing him to draw his first 100 page full colored comic book about the Turtles at the age of 10.  Instead of getting detention from teachers, they would ask him to help decorate class rooms, hallways and chalkboards with his artistic talents. This continued through out grade school, and all of high school. Big Heed later pursued his career in the field of music but never let go of that pencil.
 "Never let go of your God given talents, no matter what they tell you" says the artist.

Later in his music career, He met with Oscar Martinez, a local entrepreneur and mogul residing in Atlanta, Georgia. Martinez took Big Heed under his wing and introduced him to the East Atlanta Art scene. He moved on to doing art shows and festivals. He is currently working on a black and white book of illustrations titled "THE ART OF BLOOD BOILING." 

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